Your FUTURE is created by what

you do TODAY, not tomorrow

 The Company that support prudent economic management, sustained growth, a diversified economy and the generation of employment opportunities and Entrepreneurs / business driven mind in the Industry.
 Contribution to human development and improved quality of life of all people.
 NIDOTH works within the sector of sustainable development and appropriate strategies for skill development and Youth development mitigation system.
 Aiming for efficient, responsive and accountable system of governance and public service
 To be a Company that is sustainable to the growing population


Strategies for Success
Nichrist Institute of Management and Engineering Technology Pty Ltd (NIMET) was established on 21 February 2017. The main aim of the institution is to help reduce the problem of unemployment in Africa and the rest of the world through the establishment of sustainable, ethics and development of humanitarian. This will consolidate today’s industry and business with skills that our graduates will obtain which will in turn be conveyed to industries of the next generations in the engineering, design, draughting and entrepreneur sectors. In contributing to employment, the Institution’s view is to be among the best employers across the globe. This will definitely fight unemployment of today and impose hope to the hopeless society that is in dilemma of tomorrow’s world.